Security Tips and Alarm System Monitoring

Crime is all around us, especially in Sydney. With over 125,000 cases of theft reported every year in Sydney, it’s easy to understand why so many people use alarm monitoring. Sydney has a population that only continues to grow, as does its crime rate. Protection takes more than intruder alarms. You need to also back up your home alarm system with alarm monitoring services. In any emergency, you want a professional on the scene. Security is all about awareness. Follow these tips for the safety and protection of your home or business.


Sometimes the Sign Says It All

A warning sign announcing your alarm system monitoring is all it takes to deter most thieves. Make sure your back to base monitoring system is well advertized on the outside of your home or business. Nervous thieves will take their business someplace else.


Importance of Motion Detectors

Another easy way to deter thieves is to install motion detectors in dark yards and doorways. It’s a simple way to scare off burglars. The more well lit your property is, the less you invite crime. A motion detector can scare the thief away before the house alarm even goes off.


Lock Storage Sheds

It’s not always your home that gets robbed. Remember to keep locks on all storage sheds at all times. Consider the valuable tools and equipment you keep inside. Any storage shed invites thieves. Keep it under lock and key.


Protect Your Identity

Make sure to keep any passports, identification cards and financial information in a locked box is all it takes. When you’re home is robbed, it’s easy to forget about identification documents. Losing your identity can cost you a fortune. Lock it up securely.


Don’t Advertise Your Departure

Avoid leaving notes for service people or family on your front door. This is like taking an ad out announcing your absence. Always communicate your messages directly or leave additional notes inside the house. Remember to instruct staff and family on how to deactivate and reactivate your house alarm system properly.


Brand Your Tools

To avoid your tools being stolen, simply paint the handles. Most thieves will avoid stealing something that’s easy to identify later.



A dog at bay keeps the burglar away. Thieves don’t like attention drawn to them. The louder the dog, the better. Remember the difference between guard dogs and pets. You don’t want a breed that could injure children if you have a family. The dog may in fact prevent the thief from trying to break in at all, before even setting off your back to base alarm.