Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Services in Sydney at affordable price

Does your alarm need to be repaired? If are are experiencing faults with your alarm, or it’s sounding off sporadically at random times it may require alarm service. Alarms generally need to be checked and services at least once a year. Having your alarm serviced is important and minimises the possibility of it failing at the worst time, this includes when you are sleeping, when you are away a fault could cause it to trigger and this could impose on your relationship with the neighbours. Or even worse if you are not home and a burglar tries to enter your home or business property and your alarm does not trigger or deter the intruder. Be protected with our alarm service option. We offer our alarm service on a need or pay as you go basis, and we offer alarm service yearly subscription service, where we will come out once a year to check the alarm, wiring, battery etc… to make sure everything is in order.

Looking for a bit of peace of mind for your family home or business? Do you want to make sure you do not pay premium prices for your alarm repairs / battery replacement or resetting of your alarm?

We provide an extra layer to alarm security.
  • All scheduled battery changes
  • Phone support for ordinary operations
  • Master/user code changed at necessary intervals
  • All ad hoc repairs or faults fixed
  • 24/7 support for false alarms or alarms that won’t stop making noise
How much does all this cost?
Yearly: $150   |   Monthly: $15
All prices include GST, minimum monthly contract 12 months.
Why is yearly alarm service cover a good idea?
  • A battery replacement can cost $200+ depending on your alarm if you are not covered by our alarm service contract
  • Late night phone support is $90 per call
  • If your alarm consistently sounds off and is not repaired you can receive noise complaints from your neighbours
  • Peace of mind
The Truth About False Alarms
  • False burglar alarms cost taxpayer money and divert police resources away from where they are really needed.
  • Continued false alarms may cause the police to deprioritise your alarm … but what happens when you have a real activation?
  • Noise complaints from false alarms can be grounds for the council to fine you, in some areas
  • Not to mention all the ill will caused when your alarm disturbs not only yours, but your neighbours’ sleep … yet again!
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Back to base monitoring ensures that you have alarm monitoring set up on your alarm system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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