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Alarm Response Sydney

Pacific Security Technology’s alarm response services do more than just provide security monitoring for your home or commercial property we provide the whole security solution. If someone breaks in and triggers your home alarm or commercial alarm, we’ll send somebody to assess the situation and respond to the alarm accordingly. We offer an alarm response guard service as standard with all of our back to base alarm monitoring packages. For all monitored security, we’ll dispatch someone to the scene, no matter if it’s just a simple alarm malfunction. (Note: With our Alarm Response Services you have a choice on how we respond to the Alarm been triggered).

Neighbours aren’t always at home. We are, more importantly, there’s a real safety issue. The neighbours aren’t trained in security alarm monitoring and are not qualified in Alarm Response Services. Our Back to Base Alarm Guards are trained professionals who make your safety and home security their top priority. They come back with safety and communication devices. If a situation looks too risky, they’ll call for backup, whether from our own forces or the neighbourhood police.

Alarm Response Sydney Services available from just:
$88 + GST/ per call out

  • Have someone attend to your property immediately
  • Extra peace of mind while you are on holiday
  • An extra security layer for your home/business
  • Fast response time, means fewer worries for you
  • Catch criminals/burglars in the act
  • Minimise the cost for insurance
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The Ultimate In Peace Of Mind

Back to base monitoring ensures that you have alarm monitoring set up on your alarm system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We're here to help put you in control so you can live your life confidently.

    Back to Base Alarm Response Sydney

    It works like this. If someone enters your property and triggers your house alarm system, our Alarm response services immediately dispatch a guard to check your property, if that’s your instructions (you will have options to choose how we respond). We can also follow any instructions you’d like to take to react on your behalf. It’s your decision. You decide on a plan prior to any emergency. Your wishes become our protocol. Your safety is our highest priority.

    If the intruder is still on-site, our guards will call for backup from our own resources and even the local police. Once the danger has cleared, we will notify you or your appointed nominee, according to your instructions. Our guard always remains on site until the property has been secured and danger has passed. Your safety is what drives our Alarm Response Service.

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