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A house alarm system provides more than just security. You also enjoy a peace of mind knowing your family and valuables are safe. Whether sleeping safely in bed or far away from home, you can relax. Your house, family and personal effects needs to be protected with a Pacific Security Technology house alarm system. You’ll not only dream better, but actually add to the property value of your home.

Homes that feature home security monitoring naturally receive higher appraisals on the market. Alarm system monitoring offers more than just security. There’s a lifestyle factor as well. Today’s home alarm system keeps track of not only locked doors and windows, but other rooms through intercom and messaging. Imagine monitoring the baby’s nursery conveniently with your house alarm system. Plus, most home alarm system monitoring features intercom so you can communicate with family members from different rooms. As an added security measure, you can also add a voice or video door entry intercom system. This let’s you see and speak with visitors, admitting them directly over the intercom.

Pacific Security Technologies features the latest in alarm monitoring services. You get the best of the best. We feature a range of state of the art packages, or we can custom design a house alarm system for you. Whether you choose an alarm monitoring package or start from the ground up, our specialized technicians will have your system promptly up and running. You’ll enjoy the comforts and security of a sophisticated house alarm system without any fuss.

At Pacific Security Technologies, we offer hands on customer service so you get help every step of the way, from installation to maintenance to upgrades. Your family’s security is important to us. Our security specialists will teach you everything about the system step by step. When connecting your alarm to our service, our technicians configure your system to communicate directly with our monitoring centre. Once a clear connection has been established securely, your alarm system will send a signal telling us that all is well, no worries.

Our home alarm system monitoring does more than just help you sleep safe and sound. We improve not only the safety and security of your family, but also the comfort and convenience of your home. Offering the best in house alarm systems, Pacific Security Technologies demands the highest standards in safety and comfort. House security monitoring protects your home, but it also safeguards the very sanctity of your dreams. Improve your home’s value, be safe, and sleep through the night.

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