Is Back-to- Base Monitoring System Still Required?

Is Back-to- Base Monitoring System Still Required?

Jul 22, 2020 | Alarm Monitoring

A new buzzword named ‘Back-to- base’ is quite popular among people who use any kind of security system. People spend lots of money on their security and this type of monitoring system is keeping a big part of it. People are stuck on their own beliefs and despite of having many alternatives, they are still using the same method and spending their lots of money for a monitoring. Pacific Security can help you in avoiding the false marketing of such security agencies and tell you what will the right choice for you in the modern technological era.

What is a Back-to-base Monitoring?

Back-to-base monitoring is a service that allows security professionals to keep an eye over your secured property. In this service, security personnel get notified by the alarm system of the secured area as soon as something suspicious happens around that place. In back-to-base monitoring, the security agency takes care of the surveillance of the protected area.

How Back-to-base monitoring works.

Working of this system is based upon the working and coordination of the alarm system with the monitoring base. Whenever an emergency situation is identified, the alarm system gets activated and gets in contact with the base of the monitoring team. Then a notification is sent to the owner of the place or the registered user to notify them about the event. This can be a manual call or an automated message directed towards the user by the automated system. An option is given at the time of the notification so that a user can make a selection between sending a Patrolman to the site and dealing with the situation of your own.

Why this system is a trap…

Whenever an alarm is raised inside the control room, the registered user is contacted via text message or a phone call. Most of the security systems are automated these days and the messages and phone calls are actually made by automated systems. People are spending money on the automated systems where no security personnel was involved in. The amount charged is too high to be spent on automated software. In case if the user isn’t available at the time of the mishap, he has only option to ask for a patrolling agent to the site which increases the cost of maintenance furthermore.  Even if the agent reaches the site area, it’s not essential that the main area is in the reach of the agent as the main doors and windows are generally locked. You get charged for something which isn’t even helpful for you.

What to do now?

If you are using a smart security system it must be equipped with the latest technologies which allow the notification feature on the user’s phone. The alert which was sent to the security agencies is sent directly to you and you have to pay a small portion of the money you were spending before on the back-to-monitoring system. You can decide of your own whether you can handle the situation of your own or you call the security agencies for help. You can call Fire stations or even ambulance of your own when required.

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