Back to Base Alarm

We protect things which hold importance to you, your family &/or staff regardless whether you’re at the location or not. You family home or commercial business premises will be protected round the clock 24/7 with a back to base alarm. We help protect your property and belongings by adding an extra layer of security. We do this by monitoring your home or your commercial business property.

Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Cost start just from:

$1/day + GST

If there is a event trigger such as a burglar alarm, windows sensors triggering due to a break in, your back to base alarm reports this event back to our security base. We quickly assess the situation and act accordingly. This can be to contact you straight away, send out a guard or emergency service. There are a lot of benefits to having a back to base alarm, one major benefit outside of security is a reduction in your insurance premiums. Your property insurer will see a less of a risk of a break-in, and in term see this as a less of a risk of you potentially making a claim.

Back to Base Alarm – What can I monitor?


Intrusions & Break-ins

Our advanced Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Service allows us to monitor your home or business property for intrusions & break-ins. To give you an example of this, it could be that someone has managed to intrude through the front door, and in the process setting off motion sensors, this triggers your alarm, our back to base alarm response units are notified within seconds. We act quickly. Back to base alarm action is dependent on your specifications, which can be for us to contact you as the first step or we can send our back to base alarm response unit out to your property.

Our back to base alarm response units consists of professional security officers, who all have years of experience of dealing with back to base alarm situations. We act fast! and get to your property as quick as possible. From there we will deal with the situation accordingly. We can also call the emergency response services including police to apprehend the burglar or trespasser.

Another way our back to base alarm response unit is notified is by window breakage (required window breakage sensors). In this scenario we are able to notify you which window was broken or we can act immediately and send out a back to base alarm security officer or call the emergency services such as police.

Back to Base Alarm Monitoring & Response Units can help;

  • Minimise theft

  • Catch Burglars during a robbery

  • Give you peace of mind

  • Reduce cost of insurance

  • Keep your family safe

  • Keep your pets safe


  • Save your belonging

  • Minimise Risk

  • Save your commercial equipment

For more information on our back to base alarm monitoring service or to find out if your existing alarm is compatible with back to base get in touch today!